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Product launch webinar

09/12/2020 10:00-11:00 GMT
Join acdc's Head of Product Management, Pete Blackburn, for an introduction to our latest products. You'll meet our new outdoor architectural ceiling downlight the VERTIGO C and the highly adaptable VISTA FLEX.
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  • Plaza and Landscapes Webinar

    Plaza and Landscapes Webinar

    We live in a world of global cultures and of great diversity, with a continuing need to develop new local communities that we can identify with, that become ours. Lighting within urban design enables and encourages social interaction for the ever changing needs of a community. Providing a sense of p...
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  • Bridge Lighting Webinar

    Bridge Lighting Webinar

    Through a collaborative creative approach, architectural lighting design can make bridges look stunning, creating views that amaze and by integrating acdc it gives people a complete experience with light. It’s all about the wow factor. Creating memories time and time again. By lighting a bridge we...
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  • Outdoor Architectural Lighting Webinar

    Outdoor Architectural Lighting Webinar

    Interested in learning more about the 6 key considerations when lighting an outdoor space or structure? Catch up with our Outdoor Architectural webinar as we discuss the 6 key considerations when applying light to external spaces as well as an overview of application methods. ...
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