Karibe Hotel, Resort and Spa located in Juvenat a short drive from Port Au Prince and Petion- Ville.

The hotel and its lush garden was designed by local artists and architect. The lighting design was done by Nathalie Faubert. With 200 rooms, roof deck spa, roof deck lounge, restaurants and gym on site, Karibe Hotel is a local gem and the cutting edge of design owned by Buteau Hosptality, one of the oldest hospitality groups in Haiti.

Karibe Hotel is using acdc FINO FLEX throughout the property with over 2700 meters done in multiple phases.

Due to its robust design IP rating, it was the obvious choice on the roof deck outdoor restaurant, around the perimeter of the pool and spa and along the deck perimeter.

There are very few solutions for outdoor linear lighting that can withstand the temperature, humidity and corrosive environment factors that could stay within the budget of the project so FINO FLEX was the obvious choice.

FINO FLEX is also used in the hotel lobby perimeter, front desk, hotel corridors, and elevator banks in direct view and indirect applications throughout the space allowing for a softer and more diminutive linear lighting design.

With it’s pencil thin flexible strip FINO FLEX was able to follow the shapes and curves of the architectural features with ease and installation could be carried out by one person, cut to length on site with scissors and joined together with an IP67 connection box. Job done!

With FINO FLEX Technology, the product is easier for hotel maintenance and cleaning staff, by encapsulation and potted silicone protection.

Its optical pigmentation improves colour quality, reducing the “blue spike” that is usually a challenge of silicone.

With FINO FLEX you can add mood and drama with a number of colour temperatures from warm to cooler tones to match the other fixtures in the space, creating an overall cohesive design.

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