Opened in 2007, St Alkmund’s bridge provides pedestrians and cyclists with a link between Derby city centre and St Mary’s Catholic Church. With 40 original integrated fittings damaged by vandalism and water, acdc were called upon to improve illumination.

The brief was not without its challenges. The desired lighting effect was unusual. The idea was that the movement of people would trigger different colours as they made their way across.

Naturally, acdc was up to the job. Using MAGNA and ECLIPSE luminaires incorporating the RGB colour model and a DMX controller, a broad array of colours created a wave effect along the bridge.

The bridge’s new aesthetics have pleased the 1,500 pedestrians and 70,000 motorists who see it every day. Bonus? The new LEDs have resulted in substantial energy savings and will mean a longer, maintenance-free life.

MAGNA and ECLIPSE provide a broad array of colours creating a wave effect along the bridge.

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