Union Park, Alba-Iulia

Union Park, known locally as Parcul Unirii, is one of the biggest parks in the Romanian city of Alba-Iulia.

To celebrate the country’s centenary in 2018, a new lighting scheme was installed. Featuring a mixture of both general and architectural lighting, it meets the objectives of modernity and ease of control.

The project was a collaboration between Zumtobel Group, electrical designer Bogdan Mondoc and installer ElectroAlfa, coordinated by the architect team – BPStrajan, supported by the local municipality of Alba Iulia.

Roland Sandor, Zumtobel Group’s Project Manager explained, ’36 FUSION floodlights were used for the architectural part of the project, controlled using DMX. They were positioned approximately 50 metres away from the buildings and mounted on poles – one of the key reasons why we needed to choose high output luminaires’.

Roland also explained that control was another important factor. ‘For the centenary celebrations, the FUSION floodlights illuminated the park’s surrounding parade in the national colours of blue, yellow and red, but it was important that this could be altered for other special occasions and events afterwards.’

Due to the large volumes of people that would be in the park at any one time, it was important that light was comfortable, as well as being high in quality and flexible.

Once installed, Roland said: ‘All of the lighting objectives were achieved with great success and the result is a great colour consistency on the building surfaces.’

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