A range of recessed round architectural downlights available in fixed and adjustable versions.

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Complete family of low glare, soft edge downlights

AIR uses the power of light to emphasise a unique spirit of space.  These versatile downlights provide a backdrop to the way we use our internal spaces.   Without you knowing it, they help us socialise with friends, work with colleagues, cook for loved ones, or even show off special items or decoration.



Minimalistic Design:

Flat edge trim design, incredibly compact and beautifully designed to blend seamlessly within the architectural environment.



Clean Beam Design with wide optic choices:

AIR’s single point light source design, efficient interchangeable optics and internal detailing of the luminaire have been engineered to ensure outstanding control of the beam angle and the cleanliness of the overall lit effect, without stray light or unpleasant imaging.

  • Broad choice as standard:

    AIR has a selection of beam angles with its highly efficient optics and a variety of colour temperatures. AIR colour rendering is at the highest level with an 80CRI or 90CRI choice.

  • Complete Glare Control:

    Single point light source combined with a deep recessed LED position gives you the ultimate in user comfort and complete glare control. Additional accessories are available for the adjustable version in the form of a frosted glass for those applications that need a little more help.

  • Installation and mounting:

    Adjustable Installation ring has been designed to ensure a quick first fix installation. The click in reflector allows for simple and rapid first fix installation and removal of the light engine without any hassle. Fixed variants have a quick and easy spring installation. Quick and easy to maintain.


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