MONDO B & W are a range of IP65 decorative bollard and wall lights delivering in excess of 460 lumens with integral driver.

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MONDO is a family of IP65 decorative bollard and wall lights delivering up to 460 lumens with integral driver.

Perfect for the private grounds of hospitality and residential projects. MONDO B can be mounted both on a pillar or a wall, ensuring a consistent design across your project.

Materials and Finish:

MONDO B & W are produced in long lasting black finish on die cast aluminium housing, MONDO blends seamlessly into surrounding areas.

Installation and Mounting:

MONDO includes an integral driver and the possibility to loop in and loop out.

For MONDO B, anchors can be purchased allowing you to concrete the products in situ - ensuring a secure fix.

  • Get Creative:

    Featuring modern geometric artistry, MONDO B &W allow you to let those creative juices flow. Create interesting lit effects to draw attention and provide a focal point for a space. With a warm colour temperature (3000k to be precise), MONDO creates an ambient and calming atmosphere around grounds and pathways.



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Mondo B&W
Mondo B&W
MONDO is a range of IP65 decorative bollard and wall mounted luminaires with integral driver delivering over 450 lumens.

A family of IP65 asymmetrical square recessed LED luminaires delivering 40 and 70 lumens.

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