PLAZA S12i | S20i | S30i

Coming May 1st 2021

PLAZA S is a family of surface mount adjustable outdoor spotlights delivering up to 3000 lumens.

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PLAZA S is a family of surface mount adjustable outdoor spotlights delivering up to 3000 lumens.

The PLAZA S family of spotlights is ideal for facade and bridge illumination highlighting their size and scale. Have a look at how this award-winning luminaire has even transformed the facade of a 14th century historic home in our Towneley Hall case study

Minimalistic Design:

PLAZA S surface mount spotlights are designed to blend seamlessly within the architectural and urban environment. The adjustable Plaza S is constructed with 6063 grade aluminium and finished in a specialist corrosion resistant powder coat paint, to ensure the long life integrity of the product.

Shakespeare's New Place

Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Glare Control:

This outdoor spotlight has an integral snoot behind the glass comes as standard and gives great glare control, maximising visual comfort. A cowl accessory can also be added to the PLAZA S12i, S20i or S30i.

  • Optics:

    These surface-mounted spotlights are available with a variety of different optics. Choose from Super Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide Flood or 5D Lens.

  • Installation and mounting:

    A wide range of accessories including ground spike, tree strap or long arm bracket enables the fittings to be installed, orientated and tilted to the needs of the project. This might be the facade of a historic building, a tree in a public square or the entrance to a hotel lobby. Either floor mount or wall mounts these spotlights so that they work for you.

  • Colour:

    The PLAZA family of outdoor spotlights is available in 80 CRI, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Dynamic white and RGBW.

  • ONE: Transform the night

    acdc's ONE technology platform consists of three integral elements: 5D lens, Clean Beam Design (CBD) and User Connect. Together this trio gives users the opportunity to create endless bespoke lighting schemes using the same luminaires from your Smart phone. 

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